Coral Haven issued an award!

Using our new technology to grow coral reefs has been such a success. We’ve made quick and positive progress. Our research only produces the most environmentally friendly products.

We are very proud to have MARS voted one of the top ten inventions of 2015 by Popular Science Magazine, winner of the Dyson Australia innovation award 2014 and the Hills Young Australian Design Award 2015.

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MARS structure in exhibit

MARS(Modular Artifical Reef Structure) Desinged by Alex Good(2013) on display at the Boston Society of Architects ‘Nature Structure’ Exhibition 2018. Photo and exhibition by Scott Burnham.

Coral Haven led by designer Alex Goad who works closely with scientists to develop marine habitat infastructure for a range of research and commercial applications. Our particular focus is how we can use inovative desing and manufacturing methods to create more effective habitat solution. Our extensive knowledge of how 3D printing can be used to minimise cost while increasing geometric complexity makes us especially unique.

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Coral Fellow

Apply to be a Coral Fellow

Looking for a job that will provide a solid hands-on resource management experience? Working towards building your career in natural resource management related to coral reefs in your own community? Want to be part of the next generation of coral reef conservation leaders? Apply to be a Coral Fellow today!

The Coral Reef Fellowship . Program seeks to build generation of coral reef conservation leaders and supports two-year positions that strive to address current capacity gaps, as well as build long-term management capacity in the jurisdictions by placing highly qualified individuals whose education and work experience meet each jurisdiction’s specific coral reef management needs.

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Kids in Samao

Kids in American Somao:
Fighting stormwater runoff

The Tausagi summer camp admires thier completed rain garden!

Le Tausagi, an outreach group comprised of staff from American Samoa environmental and youth agencies, held thier annual Evnviro Discovers Summer Camp. Throughout the 2 day event, volunteers discussed local natural resources and the impacts tht humans have on them. We used a watershed model to explain how we can help protect the coral reef ecosystem by preserving and planting vegetation in our watersheds and reducing land-based sources of pollution.

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